All in Life

The Paint On My Walls

There are some things that lose value when you bring them from the spirit to the physical. Memories, private pain, and fear aren’t as sacred when you try to stuff them into the carcass of words. Like shoving a queen into a dress that’s too small just to make her sit at a table that’s too short and eat soup with a fork.

Let's Make A Sin Of It

A local pastor has said that those who do yoga are opening themselves up to the demonic power of Satan. He cites the origins of yoga and says that even if you don’t attribute the ancient religion to your downward dog, that it doesn’t matter. It’s enough to go through the motions and you should be afraid. I’m thinking, why stop at yoga? They celebrate Halloween. Why not take issue with that? Birthdays, birthday cakes, Christmas trees… the list doesn’t stop. If we go this route, we’re going to need to reestablish the sacrificial system of priests and lambs, and eventually we’re going to need a Savior.