Chapter Seven: The Redirect

Acknowledging that God is leading you is the best way to stay out of your own way. It’s also the best way to get over feeling disappointed with the confusing road blocks and closed doors in your path.

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Serena Woods
Chapter Six: Opening Up To The Possibility Of Something Greater

Because I’ve messed up so severely in my life, I don’t claim a right to much of anything. Nobody owes me. However, I do know that God has given me the gift of grace. I know it so deeply that I can move about freely, without the shame of remembering what I did and without the fear that God is going to punish me. It’s only recently that I’ve started entertaining the idea that God may want to build something cool in my life and have me be the caretaker of it.

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Chapter One: The Call To Level Up

God has given me a certain measure of responsibility: my children, my finances, my gifts. Matthew 25 makes clear the call to take risks and multiply what is entrusted to me. It takes huge faith and huge risks to grow into the life that God has for me. This blog series is that story. I’m a year into it now, so I have a lot to catch you up on.

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