Don't let you stop you.

It’s part of the human condition to protect yourself from pain. Failing is painful, so my unchecked, unmanned mind can buckle me in to wherever I am and tell me to sit still, lest I fail. “Don’t try. You won’t make it. You’re going to be embarrassed.

Sharing my story. Still.

I’ve emotionally moved on. I’ve socially moved on. And I’ve stepped into an entirely different personal reality since all of that. I rarely think about the people in my old life. That is, until I am asked to share my shame in the hope that it will make someone else feel less alone in theirs. But is there more I should be doing?

The Paint On My Walls

There are some things that lose value when you bring them from the spirit to the physical. Memories, private pain, and fear aren’t as sacred when you try to stuff them into the carcass of words. Like shoving a queen into a dress that’s too small just to make her sit at a table that’s too short and eat soup with a fork.

Look What He's Done

Sometimes, when the right now gets too convoluted with the details of emptiness, we forget. We turn our worship somewhere else. Inward, maybe. We’ve survived, but to what end? Survived a feat just to be angry that you had the feat in the first place? You know what you endured, but do you have any idea what you were spared?

Let's Make A Sin Of It

A local pastor has said that those who do yoga are opening themselves up to the demonic power of Satan. He cites the origins of yoga and says that even if you don’t attribute the ancient religion to your downward dog, that it doesn’t matter. It’s enough to go through the motions and you should be afraid. I’m thinking, why stop at yoga? They celebrate Halloween. Why not take issue with that? Birthdays, birthday cakes, Christmas trees… the list doesn’t stop. If we go this route, we’re going to need to reestablish the sacrificial system of priests and lambs, and eventually we’re going to need a Savior.

Getting It Mostly Wrong

I hear people convinced of their own version of God and not hear when they contradict themselves. I ask questions to probe their reasoning and their answers reduce God to be subservient of themselves. I listen and I wonder why they don't hear it. I wonder why they're the leaders at their church. I wonder how many people they've turned away. They write books, hold small groups, lead worship, but I don't recognize the god they talk about.

Starting Fresh

My fresh start is a little fresher than I intended. I’m pretty sure I lost the 307 blog posts that I wrote over the last nine years. If getting upset would bring them back, I would get upset. But, it won’t, so I’m not.