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The intended audience for ‘Grace Is For Sinners’ lies within the sub-culture of the Christian community. These people are not questioning the validity of the Bible. The Bible is the only thing that they will trust. They do not feel a connection to a world that doesn’t acknowledge Jesus and they have lost their welcome in the world that does. Their Christian community has failed them. They’ve failed to uphold what they teach and claim to believe. Too many Christians have turned life saving/changing truths in the Bible into a lie. They’ve put restrictions on God and roadblocks to the cross.

The intended audience for this book is at a very primary level of themselves. They are at risk of losing hope completely. They aren’t discussing theology, mythology or psychology. They are DYING (spiritually speaking). Leave the debates to those who enjoy them and have time for them. There is a time and place for that, but the context of ‘Grace Is For Sinners,’ is not the time or place. ‘Grace Is For Sinners’ is a finger pointing them to scriptures in the only source of information that they believe. They are scriptures that will give them hope, show them grace and love them. All of these things end up giving them the strength to not let their faith fail.

There will be many who won’t agree with the message because it’s bold and gritty. It kicks religion where it hurts. There are some who won’t read it/finish it because of what they think it might say. However, the lives that have been changed by the message in this book are worth so much more than the controversy it could potentially create.

As the dedication states: ‘This book is dedicated to those who have fallen. If you’ve been there, you know. If you’re still there…hang on.’ 

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