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When you make a mistake, part of the healing process is in being able to articulate what you learned. You aren’t alone in your weakness that made you fail. People are out there traveling down the same road you took. Hind sight is 20/20 and they need your vision. You can see where they are clearer than most. You know what they need because you needed it, too. Instead of staying private and sweeping the shame of failure deep into your past, use the power of grace that you’ve experienced and help people. We all make mistakes and we need you who have been there to speak up so that these people don’t feel alone. The beauty of grace is when you realize you have a gift because of your fall. Your life isn’t your own. Your failure is not unique. People need you. You still have a purpose and it’s so like God to use your failure to give your purpose life.

Justin Davis is over at Jenni Calyville’s blog today talking about his affair, what he learned and what he’s doing with his lessons. Maybe his willingness to have his most painful failure’s used will help you. Or, maybe his transparency will inspire you to come out and be used.

Go check it out HERE.

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