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Waiting makes me feel uninspired. I’ve noticed that when I think about everything I can do to increase my success, nothing happens. And when I spend an entire week doing absolutely nothing and barely thinking about it, nothing happens. 

On separate occasions, a few people who have read my book came up to me last week. They told me that there were several people who want a copy. Or, given the nature of my book, ‘need’ a copy. I even had one of my coworkers bring his client into the back room to meet me and request my book. 
She had that ‘look’ in her eyes that I recognize. When someone is going through their own personal hell and nothing has been able to get deep enough to touch it, all of their torment, pain and dread poisons everything that they are. They have that look in their eyes. They’re still alive, but mostly dead.
I can’t wait to at least be a knowing look in their direction. I, at least, want to be a person who, when they connect with me, know without a doubt that I get it. It’s important for them to know because hell is lonely and hopeless and I’m someone who made it out.  I wish I had known someone who made it out when I was there.
I saw a picture not too long ago that had a little boy sitting with his head resting on his knees he had pulled to his chest. He sat against a dirty wall in what looked like a forgotten alley. There was a message on the wall above his head that read, “I was here.” and underneath that message was another, from another person at another time. It read, “I was, too.”


6 Comments on “waiting for something”

  1. 1 Pink Ink said at 10:21 am on October 20th, 2008:

    That's great Serena. I hope you have success bringing this out to the public…sounds like you will have a captive audience!

  2. 2 Elizabeth said at 3:08 am on October 21st, 2008:

    Well, there is no way to say it nicely: Waiting Sucks.Are you still waiting on agents?Or thinking of other markets?I bet you've already thought of everything. I haven't seen you around much so I was wondering where you were at. Don't be discouraged though. You have something to offer. A helping hand from someone who walks ahead of you is always priceless.Is your story a memoir or self-help? Mine's a memoir and I too am showing my scars so that women who are behind me on the jounrey have my expereinces to help them, should they find them useful.Be well.PS email me if you want to chat more

  3. 3 Big Plain V said at 3:27 pm on October 21st, 2008:

    I totally thought I already commented on this post? You didn't delete it did you? Why would you do that?Wish I could remember what I said.

  4. 4 Serena Woods said at 5:59 pm on October 21st, 2008:

    Hey, Pink, thanks! I like your new photo.Hi, Elizabeth, I think my book is more 'bible study' through 'memoir'. I think the strange classification is what is making it a hard sell to agents.Mr. Veen: No stinking way! You left it on my poem.Maybe you can help me classify my book eventually.:)

  5. 5 Big Plain V said at 7:40 pm on October 22nd, 2008:

    Yeah, I knew that.

  6. 6 Jennifer Dukes Lee said at 5:37 pm on October 28th, 2008:

    Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord …. But it's still hard to wait.By the way, that's an interesting point you make about classification. I'm struggling with the same thing. It's sort of instructional/inspirational but also memoir-ish. No neat category for such a thing.

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