waiting for peace

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what did they tell you, to make you look at her that way?

ready to believe, so you can throw her away?

it shouldn’t hurt her- should be used to it by now.

the truth is, she’s not. must be forgiveness, somehow.

forgiveness that says, “you’re not the worst thing you’ve done.”

maybe, just to you, she’s still the dirtiest one.

in her mind, old friend, she has moved on from that day.

but your mind, it’s clear, needs her to grovel and pay.

I’ll leave you with this, your bitter judgement and doubt.

freedom is shameless because grace washes it out.

she’ll look like the fool until your vision comes clean.

i can’t wait until you understand all that I mean.

you’ll know what it’s like when you find yourself in need.

she’ll be for you, there, watching blooms grow from the seed.

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