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The third and final part of Soul Bare starts today. It’s called “Hope and Healing”. Tara Pohlkhotte’s chapter is first. It’s called “Tie to the Deep”. It’s my favorite chapter, so far.

Tara is a preacher’s kid. Growing up, as she says, with her back against a pew, she didn’t question the faith of her parents. She adopted it as her own. It’s when her grandpa died that she started examining her inherited faith. It didn’t comfort her like she thought something alive should. This inevitable part of life opened her soul and woke her up.

“My world would no longer accept [my Savior] as a fairy-tail knight in shining armor. He would come to me tearing his gown, with a tear-stained face and hands black from going into the grave to redeem” (page 132).

Tara’s writing is excellent. She writes about our interconnection and the way Jesus shows up in the faces of strangers, the reaching hands of our children, and the kindred moments between best friends. She draws a parallel between a baby tied to his mother in the womb, and us tied to our Savior in this world.

“… while I had since walked away from the organized church of my youth, I had not done away with communion. … Every story I shared with another soul, every night spend in a smoky basement bar talking about the fullness of life, of dreams -brought me back shoulder to shoulder with the congregation of humanity” (page 134).

I said this in a previous post, but I’m switching my allegiance. If you only read one chapter of this book (besides mine, of course), read this one.

I’m going to go find her other writing and read it.

Tara Pohlkotte

The twentieth chapter of Soul Bare is written by Amy Peterson. She titled it “Teenage Heretic”. I’ll write my thoughts about her chapter next.


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