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Linda Basmeson wrote the eighth chapter of “Soul Bare“. She titled it “The Yearbook”. In her chapter, she discusses the hopes she had for her life when she was a teenager in high school. She had a “peak” moment when she was labeled “most dependable” in her yearbook, but failed to live up to that label after high school.

“Instead, as the years went by I saw my entire life as one huge failure” (page 60).

We’re all so different and the things that make us struggle are individually unique. Linda had this ideal for herself and got to taste a moment of that ideal as a kid, but has struggled since. In her own relationship with God, she has been able to release a bit of the weight from her shoulders and find hope in her faith.

I think that sometimes people are looking for meaning and the only thing tangible is their list of disappointments. Instead of seeing God’s hand in every aspect of their lives, they find meaning by digging ditches. Our self-esteem determines the distance we see between us and God. We think that if we’re failing, or otherwise coming up short in the plan for ourselves, then He must not be near.

I have learned that meaning is found by acknowledging God’s hand in everything. Failures, mistakes, sidetracked dreams…. If we can look for God in our disappointments, we’ll find their purpose. You’ll see growth instead of struggle and be able to embrace disappointment with hope. It builds faith.

“I realized in that moment that I had kept myself busy. By making my own life complicated, I had ignored the quiet stillness that I thought would lead to despair” (page 61).

It’s a good lesson.

LInda Basmason

Kelli Woodford wrote the 9th chapter of “Soul Bare“.  I’ll write my thoughts about “Of Old Mirrors and New Doors” next.

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