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God has a plan that precedes you, encompasses you and then surpasses you. You don’t even have to know Him to be part of what He’s doing. His plan trumps ours. He’s busy at work using His hands to craft different styles of pottery to use. Writing His own story with us as the characters and with Jesus as the main event.

Everything from the foundation of the world has been a set up for the crowning of Jesus. Nothing exeeds the importance of that one event and nothing can change it.

Even the unborn have been called to purpose. No matter what, you cannot undo your purpose or avoid your path. It’s not only that He knows what you’ll do, it’s that He’s designed you for a specific use and you will most definitely be used to that end. You know this is true if you really believe that it’s God moving through you and not you moving yourself. You don’t get to pick what part of you He uses. Those who know, know that God uses the parts of you that you would rather keep behind a locked and closed door marked, “Sacred”.

And the children were yet unborn and had so far done nothing either good or evil. Even so, in order further to carry out God’s purpose of selection (election, choice), which depends not on works or what men can do, but on Him Who calls [them]...-Romans 9:11 AMP

Some things between us and God are hard to explain. He meets us in places we should have never been. He recognized us when we didn’t even recognize ourselves. These times in our lives are ugly and dark, but He was there. You can’t explain it and you can’t explain it away. You keep quiet, but He keeps nudging.

People need to know that no matter how far they run, He’s always right there. He takes every step they take. He will never, ever, leave them. They need to know this so they can be saved. They need to know this so they can be righteous. Every time they are under attack, He is right there holding the leash to the one who attacks them. Every time they hit the ground, He is right there. He is the wind on the face of the one running away. He’s the leaves in the hair of the one hiding in shame. He is with you always because He is ‘I AM’.

Some of us were created to reflect God’s mercy and some of us can attest to God’s dissatisfaction. I am one who can testify to both. We are characters created to be a witness in the trial. One day we will be subpoenaed.

God lets evil plans form and emerge as they wreak havoc, only to thwart them and turn it into something that brings the beaten closer to Him. Evil exists, but ultimately answers to Him. Pain peirces, but only brings the broken closer to Him. Sin bulldozes blooming gardens only to make room for the flowers of mercy.

Everything answers to God. Everything has it’s time in the sun, it’s fifteen minutes (years?), but none of it has the last word.

No matter where your path has taken you, no matter what you’ve done, not matter what has been done to you, none of it gets the last word on your life. God does and He does what He says.

His biggest statement concerning you was Jesus.

Read part of this song David wrote:

From the four corners of the earth 
      people are coming to their senses, 
      are running back to God. 
   Long-lost families 
      are falling on their faces before him. 
   God has taken charge; 
      from now on he has the last word. 

  All the power-mongers are before him 
   All the poor and powerless, too 
   Along with those who never got it together 

  Our children and their children 
      will get in on this 
   As the word is passed along 
      from parent to child. 
   Babies not yet conceived 
      will hear the good news— 
      that God does what he says. (Psalm 22:27-31 MSG)



6 Comments on “the last word”

  1. 1 EileenMK said at 9:08 am on January 26th, 2012:

    "People need to know that no matter how far they run, He’s always right there. He takes every step they take. He will never, ever, leave them." Beautiful truth, Serena. Thank you.

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  2. 2 serenawoods said at 4:17 pm on January 28th, 2012:

    Thank you, Eileen. 🙂

  3. 3 dawn said at 1:14 pm on January 26th, 2012:

    love it, as always!

  4. 4 serenawoods said at 4:17 pm on January 28th, 2012:

    Thanks, Dawn. 🙂

  5. 5 JasonWert said at 9:55 pm on January 26th, 2012:

    Praise God that He gets the last word.

  6. 6 serenawoods said at 4:18 pm on January 28th, 2012:

    I like the end of Isaiah 54 in The Message….

    "He gets the last word.
    Yes, He does."

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