the hunt

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Evil is sweet in his mouth and he hides it under his tongue. -Job 20:12

sin is not without reason. it fills a need that took root long before evidence was shown.

damaged children of damaged children of damage.

Under his tongue is mischief and wickedness. He sits in the lurking places of the villages. In the hiding places he kills the innocent. -Psalm 10:7-8

a little girl is raped while her brother gets to play. ‘I wish I was a boy,’ she says. and who can blame her for living as a boy now?

a little girl is abandoned and tossed around, unloved, until she can survive on her own. always second best. always a stand-in for the real thing. when love comes calling she never says no.

a little boy is bloodied by the fists of his father. too weak and afraid to fight back. he hates his weakness and vows never to be the victim again. now he’s the one who bloodies. now he’s the strong one.

broken children. sin is the candy that eases the pain.

He lurks in a hiding place as a lion in his lair. He lurks to catch the afflicted. He catches the afflicted when he draws him into his net. -Psalm 10:9

he finds the broken toys and fixes them with his parts. he makes them rely on him. he’s the pimp and they’re the prostitute.

the lies and dependance make them fight off help. the lies and dependance make them fear an empty plate.

a thirsty child will drink urine if it wets the tongue and the self-disgust will hold her prisoner of shame.

the cries of shackled cherubs are drowned out by the darkness of night.

You will strengthen their heart, You will incline Your ear to vindicate … so that man who is of the earth will no longer cause terror. -Psalm 10:17-18

who has the strength to fight through the lies of sin to find the abducted heart and carry them out of the lair? sin is the veil. who has the stomach for the work of Love?

abducted children become dependent on their abductor. the mother searches the streets day and night, but fear and shame hide her daughter’s face when she passes by.

if you don’t have the strength to not care about the sin, the stigma will stick and they’re lost for good.

who can walk with the whores of sin, earning trust and making friends, in order to find the stolen lives?

I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. -Matthew 10:16

the hunt


7 Comments on “the hunt”

  1. 1 Sisterlisa said at 7:43 am on December 22nd, 2009:

    So meaty! Thank you for this perspective, Serena. So many times I see the religious so afraid of sin that they fail to help those lost in it. They don't' walk in faith that Jesus will protect them while they reach those in need of Him. The last part about being wise as serpents but innocent as doves really got me. I need to think about that a little more and seek Him to reveal that to me more. I get caught up a bit in it, not sure how it applies to my situation.

  2. 2 Jason said at 8:34 am on December 22nd, 2009:

    There's so much truth in your post it's hard to know which part to say "that really hits home" because it all hits home.

  3. 3 A. said at 7:12 pm on December 23rd, 2009:

    wondering the best way to respond with grace… a friend and I were talking. She, a believer. She flat out told me in a conversation… "I know I am living in sin, but I am okay with that. I will just suffer the consequences." I didn't say much and even thought to myself she must not be a christian then, to feel that way…. but then remembered many times when I felt the same way, just didn't say so outloud. I felt I wanted to "give up on my friend"… God has changed my judgemental heart. We cannot give up on each other. Even when someone is blatantly aware of sin and not repentant…. any thoughts?

  4. 4 Serena Woods said at 7:58 pm on December 23rd, 2009:

    It's hard not to be judgmental in a situation like that. Therein lies Satan's attack on you. This is the tempter seeing what you're going to do.

    In exploring the unbridled thought process of any believing human being: She's so wrong! Pick out a good stone and make it count…

    Then hear Jesus give the opportunity to throw it if you have no sin.

    Now that the playing field is leveled…(which is where you are) you can love her (not give up on her, etc 1 Corinthians 13).

    So, you have that down. Affirm her honesty in recognizing her error. It's the one thing that Love can latch onto in this particular spot. Know and trust that God never leaves his lambs unfinished. She will, eventually, face these consequences and find that she cannot pay. Her only choice is to put her faith in what Jesus did. Once that surrender has taken place, she will be supernaturally tranformed and will know the truth.

    This is your chance to put what you're learning about grace and purpose in EVERYTHING to the test and reject the temptation to be used by the enemy to call her dead before the game is over.

  5. 5 TheNorEaster said at 1:52 am on December 25th, 2009:

    "Who can walk with the whores of sin, earning trust and making friends, in order to find the stolen lives?"

    A Misfit.

  6. 6 mrs lasky said at 3:24 am on December 27th, 2009:

    excellent post…i can't say enough about how much i enjoyed reading and meditating on it. <3

  7. 7 Mary R Snyder said at 7:35 pm on January 1st, 2010:

    Incredible post.

    As one who works with the abused children and their families, I've learned that the abusers are just as much victims as the abused.

    We, the church, has turned away — we don't want to help the ugly people. We only want to fix those who need the quick fix, not the long haul projects. We don't want to invest too much of our time or ourselves into 'those' people.

    It breaks my heart. It makes me scream and makes me cry.

    Your post spoke to my heart.