the choreography of God

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I’m almost finished blogging through the book Soul Bare. I wrote a chapter in this book and wanted to use the opportunity to introduce you to other authors who have been through some of the grittier places of life and came out with insight to offer. I didn’t read the book before I committed to blogging through it. I’m reading as I go.

Holly Grantham wrote the 24th chapter. She titled it, “The Choreography of God”. In her chapter, she writes about her writing and the act of writing. She says that she gains such “revolutionary” insight from her own writing that she wants to bring that “feast” to others. She writes about reading her old journals from when she was a teenager:

“A new reading unveiled something revolutionary: the act of writing had revealed the hidden” (page 158).

She discovered something that therapists, counselors, other writers, etc. already know. Writing is therapeutic. Holly writes about being insecure about her own opinions prior to reading her old writing. As a result of reading them as an adult, she no longer believed that her words were not meant to be read by others, that they were “far reaching ripples”, a “prayer language”, “rich and golden”, and life giving. She sees her writing as food for her soul and no longer wants to keep that for herself.

“I spent a long time hoarding the few loaves and fishes that I believed were mine to keep, but I now realize that to hold back that meager meal is to forfeit the feast to which it leads” (page 160).

You can read more of Holly’s writing here.

holly Grantham

Shelly Miller wrote the 25th chapter of Soul Bare. She titled it “Redemption Looks Beautiful On You”. I’ll write my thoughts about her chapter next.

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