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Here is what people are saying about my book…..
“Serena, I hope your book is a balm of healing for many wounded people.”
~ Philip Yancey, “What’s So Amazing About Grace?” (Zondervan, 2002) (after reading an excerpt chapter)
“Very well written.  Thought provoking.  You have a way of explaining things like I’ve never heard before.  I realized that I was living in fear of failing God more than living in the freedom of his grace.  Your book helped me and has the potential to help so many other people.”
~ Candace, a believer who wants to dig deeper into the truth.
“As you read you can actually see God pouring Himself into you as you tell your story.  From the devastation of failure, to the hope of grace and finally restoration.  It’s challenging and I loved it!”
~ Cal Swenson, Pastor New Life Church,
“Your book helped so many things that I’ve wondered about make sense.  At times, it was as if you were reading my mind.  I was really challenged to look at things differently and [in spite of being hurt by the church] I was encouraged to not give up on my faith in God.”
~ Shannon, ex-church member, struggling believer
“Your book is extremely transparent with a direct message.  The bible teaching aspect is…true.  I get sucked in every time I read it.”
~ Joel Kneedler, Alive Communications
“I’m speechless!  Blown away and undone, our stories are very similar…I have a two inch stack of letters from my church telling me that I’m over, done and useless.  You HAVE to get this book out!”
~  Doug, a believer who went through a heartbreaking divorce (after reading an excerpt chapter)
“You have a wonderful writing style with rich, descriptive language and strong imagery.  Your story and it’s emphasis on God’s grace is quite compelling.”
~ Dudley Delffs, Zondervan
“This is good stuff, Serena.  Heartbreaking, but beautiful.”
 ~ Mary E. DeMuth, “Daisy Chain” (Zondervan, 2008) (after reading an excerpt chapter)
“I’m speechless, Serena.  About half way through, it was all I could do to keep from crying.  It was as though you could see into my life and talk about the things that cause me the most pain. So many people need something like this.  I want to read the rest.”
~ Tina, preacher’s daughter, ex-church member, struggling believer (after reading an excerpt chapter)
“This is so good!  Very well written.  There are so many things in here that I haven’t heard before and will be able to help so many people.
~ Debra Hedgcorth, “Mind Over Meth” (Tate Publishing, 2008)

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