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Amy Peterson wrote the twentieth chapter of Soul Bare. She titled it “Teenage Heretic”.

Amy’s chapter felt like a teaser for a book that I would probably read. She writes about the moment she became uncomfortable with her own body, how that affected her choices as she grew into adolescence, and how she circled back around to being comfortable in her own skin again.

She was just a kid when a game of Truth or Dare resulted in she and her best friend practically naked. Kids are curious and weird because they’re innocent and free. We’re supposed to be like them in spirit. But, our own experiences take away innocence and curiosity. Adults, when they’re careless, can project their own feelings onto kids.

Her best friend’s mom was afraid the girls were “pretending they were married”. The way it was handled made Amy feel weighted shame. Instead of redirecting the children and telling them to keep all of their clothes on, she made them feel like they were doing something wrong and added the bonus of making the bedroom side of marriage dirty, too.

“The church’s party line encouraged my gnosticism, but it was through friendships at church that the wholeness of my childhood was returned to me” (page 138).

It was when Amy was older and skinny dipping with her church friends one night at Gulf Shores that she washed off the shame and jumped back into the comfort of her own skin.


Amy Peterson


The twenty-first chapter of Soul Bare is written by Sarah Bessey. She titled it “Letters of Intention”. I’ll write my thought about her chapter next.

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