i won’t give up

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I tried something new. I made a mini-movie. It’s completely different from my other videos, so I’m calling it a mini-movie.

I was scheduled to speak at a local Christian University this morning. I was so excited about this because it was in the town where I live. That was a huge dose of grace to me.

I prepared for months. From timing my hair appointments to timing my message. I’m organized when I speak because it scares me and preparation helps me not freak out.

About three weeks ago, I was told that someone wrote the University telling them that it has not been long enough since my sin to speak (6 years, 11 months, 2 weeks). And I was uninvited.

Don’t be offended for me. I’m not.
Enough about that.

I had this message all prepared and I still wanted to share it, so I slipped into my creativity and hung out to make this video.

I renamed the message as a nod to irony and scaled it down from 20 minutes to a little over five.

Let me know how I did…


religion and Jesus

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I think this video is great.

Religion is like “spraying perfume on a casket.”


ode to the oddball

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I made a new video for fellow odd souls. I recently came back from speaking at a conference and had my own experience with not really fitting in. It’s not always a bad thing, you just have to have a sense of humor and own who you are.

So, fellow oddballs, this one is for you…