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When I wrote my first book, I was consumed with all the things I was learning. I went to scripture, initially, to hear the final word from the final Voice because I knew, and everyone else who knew me knew, that I was done for. I couldn’t shake whatever it was inside me that wouldn’t let me give up and I needed something to make me let go. I was not looking for something to make me okay, I was looking for the death blow of judgment.

“Tell me you don’t love me so I can be free from this pain.”

But He didn’t. Instead, He showed me something. This panoramic view that doesn’t stop when I turn right or turn left to reach its end. It has no end.
…and I’ve been writing about it ever since.

I am still completely entrenched in scripture because it’s alive to me. I can see it clearly. I write constantly. I am consumed with thinking about all these things, …the depths of Truth, …and I can’t get enough. He, like wild, silent wind, is speaking to me…showing me things…and the only way to relieve the pressure is to open myself up and pour it out.

When I wrote ‘Grace Is For Sinners’ I literally shook at the keyboard. I could not get my fingers to type fast enough. A violent picture of eternity being poured into the fragility of flesh and blood until that flesh and blood was ready to burst at the seams. What spills out is my worship. It creates the feeling that if I held it in, I would die. It’s almost too much.

Another tsunami of information and clarity is pouring into me and I am back to that place of being so consumed, I’m squirming in my skin. It’s too much for isolated blog posts. I have to write until it stops and then I’ll have to give it a name and put it in another cover-bound piece of worship.

When I tried to get my first book published, I was told that the work I had written was too big for me. I already knew that. I published it myself and, though I don’t know how, it has made it’s way across the world. It has found a home in the hands of strangers. It is fulfilling its purpose with no help from me or a money-backed entity.

I don’t know what path this next book will take. Whether it is published by me or a bigger corporation is not my concern. I have to write, regardless. It’s screaming inside me and writing alleviates the a bit of the pressure, though it doesn’t lift the burden. It’s a weird kind of painful. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but I can identify with this…

…necessity is laid upon me. Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!” -Paul, 1 Corinthians 9:16 ESV

I will be blogging less frequently while I write this other book. If you want to keep up on little tidbits, I share them on my facebook page.

I’m answering the summons. I’m telling you this so that you know what’s going on and you can keep me in your prayers.

I’ll be out in the field gathering evidence.





insight live

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Today I will be appearing on ‘Insight Live on The Miracle Channel.’ We’ll be discussing my book, ‘Grace Is For Sinners‘, especially pertaining to how to handle moral failure within the walls of the church community. It should be interesting because it’s LIVE, and viewers can call in to ask questions or share their thoughts.

This is how the show is billing it:

[ IS11-107 ] Grace
How is moral failure handled within the walls of the church today? Should people be offered grace and forgiveness or is discipline necessary? Tune in as Serena Woods joins us to share her story and how she came to learn that “Grace is for Sinners.” Call in with your comments and questions, LIVE at 11am MT.
quoted from Insight Live Episodes.

If you are in Canada or have access to Canadian broadcasts (Sky Angel Network, etc), then you can see the channels here. You can also watch a live stream on your computer by clicking here and then clicking the link on the page that says ‘Watch us online.’

If you would like to call in to share your thoughts during the live broadcast (11am-12pm MT), you can do so by calling toll free 1-888-816-2545.

I’ll be joining them via skype from my home and if skype is acting up, I’ll be on the phone.

If you miss it this afternoon, they rebroadcast it at 11pm MT and you can use the same information from above to see how it went.

It should be fun! Let me know if you’re going to watch and what your thoughts are.


questions and something for free

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Recently, I was interviewed by They’ve been good to me over there. You can read the review of Grace Is For Sinners here. They even let me write for them once in a while.

You can check out the interview here and find out how to win a free book.

Leave some feedback. I’d like to know what you think of it.

Now, enjoy this random cat vs. human dance off picture.


what it is

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The intended audience for ‘Grace Is For Sinners’ lies within the sub-culture of the Christian community. These people are not questioning the validity of the Bible. The Bible is the only thing that they will trust. They do not feel a connection to a world that doesn’t acknowledge Jesus and they have lost their welcome in the world that does. Their Christian community has failed them. They’ve failed to uphold what they teach and claim to believe. Too many Christians have turned life saving/changing truths in the Bible into a lie. They’ve put restrictions on God and roadblocks to the cross.

The intended audience for this book is at a very primary level of themselves. They are at risk of losing hope completely. They aren’t discussing theology, mythology or psychology. They are DYING (spiritually speaking). Leave the debates to those who enjoy them and have time for them. There is a time and place for that, but the context of ‘Grace Is For Sinners,’ is not the time or place. ‘Grace Is For Sinners’ is a finger pointing them to scriptures in the only source of information that they believe. They are scriptures that will give them hope, show them grace and love them. All of these things end up giving them the strength to not let their faith fail.

There will be many who won’t agree with the message because it’s bold and gritty. It kicks religion where it hurts. There are some who won’t read it/finish it because of what they think it might say. However, the lives that have been changed by the message in this book are worth so much more than the controversy it could potentially create.

As the dedication states: ‘This book is dedicated to those who have fallen. If you’ve been there, you know. If you’re still there…hang on.’ 

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moving up

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‘Grace Is For Sinners’ is about two weeks away from hitting the mainstream!

Serena Woods’ autobiographical account of her experience with grace minces no words. ‘Grace Is For Sinners’ is a gritty reflection of what moral failure looks like within the glass doors of Christianity. Serena’s transparency regarding her sin and the aftermath would have been enough to challenge most, but she doesn’t stop there. She goes on to challenge the church’s response to Christians who sin with an in depth study of the Bible. Out of context scripture is used to condemn the sinner, but Serena found the in-context grace that saturates the Gospel. Her defense of the salvation power of Jesus is found in ‘Grace Is For Sinners’!

Watch out world….


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