Stepping Along

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Grace Is For Sinners’ is not a book that teaches you how to be perfect. It doesn’t talk about ways to avoid sin. You won’t become a better person for reading the book and you won’t think the author is a great person.

If you think that grace is earned or that there is some formula to avoid sin, then you haven’t read the book. If you’re disappointed when someone makes an error in judgment, acts selfishly or falls flat on their face, then read the book. Human beings are well equipped to hurt each other. 

Selfishness spins and dances all around the table moving one into the other and soon every one at the dinner party is clapping to their own beat. No one wins. Until the separation between intent and action are seen then actions can be scrubbed away in the sink with the rest of the dirty knives. It all comes out in the wash and sometimes a little spilled blood reminds us that we’re alive.

We try to avoid hurting ourselves and each other. But trying is mixed with a healthy dose of over-confidence and underestimation (or is it overestimation?). At any rate, the estimate was incorrect and sent consequences in full effect.  

Everything happens for a reason, but that doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t pay. But is the price the reason and how long is paying in season?

I was listening to a song that was written by Rich Mullins, covered by Kevin Max, called ‘Save Me.’ It reminded me of a part in ‘Grace Is For Sinners‘ that talks about hiding from God:

“I was like Eve, crouched in shame behind a bush. Then, I heard God call out my name, as though the grass under my feet and the leaves in my hair hadn’t told their creator where His little girl was hiding.”

Betrayed by creation trying to hide within myself. All of creation betrays the man to his Father’s love. 

You cannot destroy what is not meant to be destroyed. You cannot build what was not meant to be built. All of Hell can use all of humanity to self destruct, but it’s only the annoying howls of the wind when compared to the forgiving love of the One who knows what’s really going on.

Things are rarely as they seem.

Read the book.

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  1. 1 jim said at 7:53 am on January 20th, 2009:

    i hope your book continues to help people.

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