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As Christians, there is one faith. The crux of our faith is that Jesus is who he says he is, did what he came to do and when he was finished, he said so.

He didn’t come to condemn us, the law does that already. He didn’t come to teach us how to live, he came to give us life.

Every generation has it’s time of wandering off from the truth and a fight to get back to it. We’re all taking our turn in the cycle. As long as we’re human beings, we’ll behave like human beings.The plight of a human is our aspiration to survive. We don’t even have to survive all that well.

The child who suffers abuse will begin to kill off the parts off her that make her wish for death when she is being hurt. This is how she survives. She learns to cauterize herself so she doesn’t have to be aware of what is happening to her. These children learn how to survive by living half dead. They don’t even know that’s what they’re doing until the inevitable ache to be whole comes around again. The miraculous tsunami of life tries to push through the scarred over wound.

I see the church that way. The innocence of truth has been manhandled and violated in the secret places and we’re spitting out half-dead spiritual children. Those children are wandering the streets chasing ribbons and ice cream with their dead eyes and bedridden hearts. They are our ache to be whole. Their cries echo behind the hollow laughter. Their songs and games are pinging off the hollow grave.

All the places we thought were dead are pounding on the coffin from the inside. The miraculous tsunami of life is pushing through the six feet of dirt. They will take the stand and have their voice heard. It’s time to listen. It’s time to sift through the religious clutter and root out the abuse and call out the abusers. 


I would march against them in battle; I would set them all on fire. Or else let them come to me for refuge; let them make peace with me, yes, let them make peace with me.” – Isaiah 27:4-5

The goal is for all of us to be one. One heart and one mind. The goal is for us to know our Father. Even the abusers are called to take refuge in God.

There is an enemy who pits us against each other. He uses the things we love, the things we want and the things we think we deserve. He’s cunning, he convinces us that it’s our duty as ‘Christians’ to maintain our position of opposition.

If God’s desire is for us to know him, then how far do you think he’ll go to get us to that place? Is anything off limits to the Creator of the universe? We’re all playing roles in God’s drama of his salvation power. We play into his plan like characters in a book. If we think we’re in control, that it’s our choosing or our sacrifice, then you may want to consider where God is in all that? God is not a puppet being pulled by your tempermental strings. You have your choices, but have you ever considered who is giving you the choices?

Human beings are delusional in their ego-centric god complexes. How do you think we ever come to a place of absolute submission to God? It’s by becoming aware of our matrix so we can catch glimpses of the unfathomable through the cracks of ourselves. How do you become aware of your cracks? 

What God does and what God allows is beyond us and still for us. He is the author and we are his creations.

You pretend to have the inside track. You shut God out and work behind the scenes, Plotting the future as if you knew everything, acting mysterious, never showing your hand. You have everything backward! You treat the potter as a lump of clay. Does a book say to its author, “He didn’t write a word of me”? Does a meal say to the woman who cooked it, “She had nothing to do with this”? – Isaiah 29:15

Is that grounds for complaining that God is unfair? Not so fast, please. God told Moses, “I’m in charge of mercy. I’m in charge of compassion.” Compassion doesn’t originate in our bleeding hearts or moral sweat, but in God’s mercy. The same point was made when God said to Pharaoh, “I picked you as a bit player in this drama of my salvation power.” All we’re saying is that God has the first word, initiating the action in which we play our part for good or ill. – Romans 9:14

Some of us need to have our self-righteousness leveled and some of us need to have our self-sufficiency removed in order to see who God is and who we are in relation to him and to each other. 

Jesus prayed for us right before he went to the Garden of Gethsemane. In his prayer, he asked God to help us fight to stay united. 

The goal is for all of them to become one heart and mind—Just as you, Father, are in me and I in you, So they might be one heart and mind with us. Then the world might believe that you, in fact, sent me. The same glory you gave me, I gave them, So they’ll be as unified and together as we are— I in them and you in me. Then they’ll be mature in this oneness, And give the godless world evidence That you’ve sent me and loved them In the same way you’ve loved me. – Jesus; John 17:20-23

The evidence of your faith is not found in your stand pertaining to sin. Even unbelievers can agree with your sentiment on morality. The proof of Jesus’ message is in the the eating. The smoking gun of our faith is love.


3 Comments on “smoking gun”

  1. 1 Cary Branscum said at 3:55 pm on August 3rd, 2009:

    Thank you not only for the good writing this is, but also for the great questions it brings to our faith journey. How amazing is it that God has a part for us at all, and how great is that? Why is our sense of personal control so insistent in spite of our experience that our control is so tenuous?

    In what ways do we feel the tsunami of life washing over and past our personal belief systems? Why do so judge ourselves for not having "arrived" in our faith journey, instead of seeing life and faith as a pilgrimage? Is our faith big enough to trust God in spite of what He allows to happen in our lives, and world? That's enough for now, at least for me, thank you so much for these questions.

  2. 2 Serena Woods said at 4:11 pm on August 3rd, 2009:

    Cary- thanks for your thoughts! These conversation and re-evaluations need to happen more often. We're all on our own journey, but we all have the same destination in sight. Love is the power that saved us and love is the thread that holds us together. That's why love wins!

  3. 3 TheNorEaster said at 3:21 pm on August 29th, 2009:

    I am seriously enjoying your writing, Serena. It's like finding ice in a desert. And I can't wait to see what others treasures you've composed here.

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