purpose and insignificance

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“But my work seems so useless! I have spent my strength for nothing and to no purpose.” -Isaiah 49:4

Running full steam ahead, following dusty feet through dusty paths on dusty nights. Pacing and replacing old cares for new wares and taking my fill of all shares. A one-step turns two and I can hold my own. Toe tap into the four on the floor and a little turn of my hips to earn my own tips. The sky lights spin and my laugh seeps into the spaces joining faces and I’m off to the races. A little silence and my laugh slips. A quiet record with divided time and suddenly my dance is out of rhyme. I’m looking for the feet I used to trust, the flattened foot printed dust. My hands are cold, the fear makes me old and I forget what I’m told. Grooves in the feet still hold dirt from when it didn’t hurt. Feeling disregarded, strangely uncarded, a wasted opportunity scrapped before started. Did He change His mind, am I biding with time to re-polish the same dime? One body making a pale spot on a suntanned ground. A new replacement for the last disillusioned hound. I’ve taken my lesson at the base of this mountain and I’ve yet to see the fountain. I think He’s forgotten the blisters and girl who wanted to change the world. The commission with an omission. I’ve worked out my suspicion, still set for the mission. The no named, no gamed, brutally lamed is still untamed. I’m nobody with a tsunami of Somebody busting through my pores with the might of an unquenchable light. What a sight to see a gray rock sparkle in the night. I’ll don my rags until my skin sags. No glory for the one in Someone else’s dog tags. And that’s the way it is. I’ll only be when the being is His. Running full steam ahead following dusty feet through dusty paths on dusty nights.


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