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A man was betrayed by his wife and he begs her to be patient with his pain while he props her up with pillows, lights the candles in her room and runs his fingers through her hair. ‘I don’t want you to hurt,’ he tells her, as his own grief breaks his voice. ‘You’ve been away for a while,’ he whispers, ‘…just rest and don’t worry. My love is bigger than this.’

A woman is betrayed by her husband and she refuses to give up. If the test requires a fight, she’ll use the only weapon she’s got and she says that weapon is love. Her words are her shoes and they move her feet. Her feet take her legs through the door of the other woman and the hope in her heart make her hands clutch the gift that she hopes will say what her mouth doesn’t know how. Chocolate when it should have been venom. 

A woman rests to her music and watches the candle dance in her place. She had choices and when she made her decision she chose chains. Yet, she is excused without having to explain. She lays in a bed with clean sheets when her pillow should be soaked with guilty tears. Hope comes up with the sun and the freedom that love provides transforms her into who she wishes she was.

‘….he hears the prayers of the righteous.’ 

But what makes you righteous? Righteous is justifiable. Justifiable is defensible. Defensible is able to be protected. Protected is safe. If something is safe, then it is not likely to be lost. 

‘….you are justified freely by his grace….’ 

Justified because of grace and freely made righteous. Prayers that get heard. 

Proverbs 15:29; Romans 3:24


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  1. 1 Chloe Love said at 2:26 am on February 9th, 2009:

    …my love is bigger than this.

    That kind of love seems impossible. Unconditional. True. How can a human possibly have that much love for another?

    She must have been worth the fight.

    Your words are inspiring especially to those of us who have read your book and have been changed forever.

    As one person in a sea of people who have connected with you, thank you for sharing your life with me.


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