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I was watching a preacher on TV this morning and he focused so much on the behavior of people, not once mentioning Jesus. Nothing makes sense unless you warp people’s minds with the truth about who God is and what Jesus did. We can learn about morality and we can get the formulas down, but nothing connects to the core of us. If you don’t make heads spin with glimpses from the ‘eternity perspective’ then you’ll lose them to something more challenging. I’m watching an entire generation yawn and it doesn’t have to be that way.

The grunt of the door pressed through the quiet of the dusky room. The dust was so settled it didn’t bat and eye to my presence. I scooted by feet making a hollow echo along the wood floor and let my fingers run along the grungy pews.

The air in the old church was a storm of cobwebs and I could feel the stale atmosphere squeezing the life out of my lungs. My chest gave a forceful cough in clear and defiant rejection of the death that discredited the existing oxygen.

A putrefied rodent laid unbothered in the corner and a deserted birds nest hung in the rafters. I made my way up to the front of the church. The pulpit stood tall and rebellious. It was a defiant gravestone of a departed era.

The surface of the pulpit was vandalized by time. Water glasses bleached circles of sweat rings. Clammy palms discolored the edges as though the preacher were using the pulpit as a cannon for firing shots of eternal damnation.

An inscription ran along the top of the pulpit like a chilling prophecy. This piece of wood was engraved with its eulogy the day it was made. “Where there is no vision, the people perish. Proverbs 29:18”

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    I am confused with the above comment. Is this directly in response to the post?

    Can't wait to read more of this book, Serena. 🙂