pain and holy ground

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Christina Gibson wrote chapter thirteen of Soul Bare. She titled it “Pain and Holy Ground”.

Christina’s experience with pain is another example of how those who going through it are finding God in it. She writes that over preparing for motherhood didn’t begin to prepare her for being a mother to a sick baby. It poignantly, it didn’t prepare her for answering questions like this one from her, now, 5-year-old:

“She asked me to look her in the eye and tell her whether or not she’ll live to be a mommy” (page 92).

We live so afraid of hurting, but people, like Christina, are there and they’re telling us that God is there, too. She has had to face the questions about how far God will ask her to walk and whether or not He’ll walk there with her. We have this unconscious and unchecked belief that God and pain don’t run in the same circles, but it’s wrong.

“But if we don’t squarely face the question of God’s ability to take care of us, we’ll not only be incapable of embracing the pain, we won’t be able to fully embrace God” (page94).

Christina Gibson

Monica Sharman wrote the 14th chapter of Soul Bare. She titled it “When I Pursued Joy”.

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