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“I’ve told you these things to prepare you for rough times ahead. They are going to throw you out of the meeting places. There will even come a time when anyone who kills you will think he’s doing God a favor. They will do these things because they never really understood the Father. I’ve told you these things so that when the time comes and they start in on you, you’ll be well-warned and ready for them.” -John 16:1-4

Rough times ahead…

We’re a group of believers within the sub-culture of Christianity. There are more people who claim to know Him than people who actually do. It doesn’t mean they never will. However, calling yourself a Christian, getting the behavior right and looking the part are a lot easier than actually believing the truth when it hasn’t been revealed to them yet.

We know this, yet we still roll over like submissive dogs to anyone who claims to be speaking for God Almighty. When we refuse to lay on our backs we’re called names and rebuked. Seething serpent venom rising to the threat that Jesus has been all along. Just because someone calls themselves a Christian and even has some sort of authority in their lives, doesn’t mean they know anything at all.

Throw you out of the meeting places…

As a group who is dipping into the supernatural, you have to beware of the trap of sensationalism. Supernatural things happen. Goose bump moments and divine inspirational highs. They happen, but they’re not the norm. In this group, we have people with itchy trigger fingers and drama lust. We have to be content to walk through the valley of Nothing Spectacular. Sensationalism keeps nerve endings raw and Love lines have shorting circuits in them.

In this group, the typical is the erroneous view of sin, righteousness and judgment. When one of those with clear vision and revealed Truth starts rewiring the circuits, they’re essentially taking the food of religious lust and judgmental bullets from the short sighted and well intentioned. The battle of wills and vision ensues and the ‘Jesus’ in the equation gets thrown out to make room for the religion.

Anyone who kills you will think he’s doing God a favor…

A brother falls and is kicked out by people who think they’re doing it in the name of God. A sister challenges the legalism she sees in her church and she is disassociated and called rebellious. A man writes books about the inner thread of existence that ties humanity together and is called a mystical heretic. Breakthroughs between the veil of human understanding and divine inspiration are born of brokenness and need. Brokenness and need are most poignant in times of spiritual distress and spiritual distress is taken as a sign of off the mark intentions.

If we believe there are no rough times, then rough times are evidence of a faulty relationship with God. ‘Get the yeast out of here. Expel the immoral brother. Keep our blood lines clean and stop asking questions that we can’t answer. In Jesus name.’ The harder they are on you, the more it pleases their god. After all, they wonder, what kind of example would we be setting if we let sinners feel at home in our meeting places.


They will do these things because they never understood the Father…

Have you ever wondered if you understand the Father? There are answers to your questions. Are you getting them? Maybe it’s not your time yet. When those questions arise you’re going to be a mess. What’s worse is you can’t go to your usual places to find answers because if you did, you’d be doubted. Some find it easier to go along with the group than to check their beliefs against in context scripture.

However, there is something bubbling under the surface of experience and belief that can not be calmed with denial. An unquenchable thirst and irritating unrest is pulsing through the fragility of human will and it’s only a matter of time until you’ll be a puddle of nothing. A perfectly cultivated field ready for planting. We are the one’s who are tired of fighting the spirit of God within us when our religion isn’t satisfying the deep hunger for truth.

When the time comes and they start in on you, you’ll be well-warned and ready for them…

Many of you have told me that the things I teach are stirring something deep within you. Things that were already there. Some are out of church, some are messed up in church, some have stepped into their own wilderness to take inventory of their relationship with God.

Where ever you are, don’t back down from the struggle. If you’re going to devote your life to something, at least know what it is. It’s better to be unpopular in the revelation of grace and truth than to be popular in religion and performance. I don’t know where you’re getting your information about God, but if your primary source is not scripture, then you’re in danger of being led down a path of superstition, confusion and fear.

I’ll finish this John 16 line of thinking tomorrow…



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  1. 1 Jason said at 7:29 am on June 7th, 2010:

    I'm eager to see your second part tomorrow because this…

    "After all, they wonder, what kind of example would we be setting if we let sinners feel at home in our meeting places."

    …is setting off alarm bells in my head. I hope tomorrow explains that a little bit more. 🙂

  2. 2 Serena Woods said at 7:41 am on June 7th, 2010:

    Jason: Well, in case I don't cover it tomorrow: You have to examine the assumption that church people don't sin. It's coming from the place where people are not taught how to help people who took a huge moral stumble, but instead are taught to not associate with them. It also is the reason why people who know they're not making the best choices won't even come to church because they're 'not good enough.'

  3. 3 Jason said at 7:57 am on June 7th, 2010:

    Ah…ok. Yeah, with you on that one. I had a moment's concern you were talking about them always being comfortable meaning they were never challenged at all about sin in their lives. (And by that, I mean things like in the sermons talking about sins mentioned in the Bible, not people harping over them.)

  4. 4 Julie R. said at 2:59 pm on June 7th, 2010:


    Great post.

    Everyone needs to remember to read God's word for themselves against anything they hear or read. I always check out what others and you have posted with my Bible, when I listen to podcast messages, I am following along with my Bible. It is imperative that no matter where you are on the journey, if you have come to place where you are actively seeking a relationship with the Father, then it is IMPERATIVE that you are reading His word.

    Missed reading your thoughts…glad to have you back.

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