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Seth Haines wrote the twelfth chapter of Soul Bare. He titled it, “Nuance”.

These chapters have been heavy for different reasons, and Seth’s fits in that regard. Seth’s chapter is refreshing because he didn’t gift wrap his pain. It’s a polaroid of about 5 minutes next to a window on the fifth floor of a hospital, and a well intentioned phone call that completely negated the tension of Trust. And there lies the point.

“He’s telling me a story of belief, and I’m truly grateful for his reaching out. But these words don’t bolster me; they feel more like a dagger than a comfort” (page 88).

His chapter leaves me with the feeling that he was well into learning about the part of God that quiets the wise. Something is wrong with his baby boy and everybody has their own take. …That if he jumps through enough hoops, his baby will heal. But Seth is learning something else about God.

When people are taken to the thin parts of their faith, they are introduced to devotion.

“Do you trust me?”

Because even if he killed me, I’d keep on hoping.Job 13:15 MSG

“Sometimes providence guards us from pain. Other times providence is in the pain” (page 89).

Seth Haines

Christina Gibson wrote the thirteenth chapter of Soul Bare. I’ll write my thoughts about “Pain and Holy Ground” next.



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