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Yesterday’s blog threw a few of you and as much as I like throwing people around, I actually had a message in there. I put this in a comment, but think it’s worth posting as today’s blog.

This is one of my more lyrical/poetic writings. Sometimes I feel like I’m chasing a ribbon of words and trying to nail it down. Interpretation is open, but I’ll give you my thought process.

The beginning is a play on a circus. Religion being the circus.

Stop juggling, stop the show boat tricks and get real.

You can be real because this whole thing, life, isn’t about you or me…

Now that you are real…what do you want? Do you want to cuss and spit just to try it? Do it.

God puts desires into our heart (‘He gives us the desires of our heart….’). If that’s true, then after you’ve taken inventory or what you ‘want’ then you can sift out the stuff that isn’t for you and explore the things that may not look like everything you’ve been taught in the circus, but are still a part of who you are.

When you have this ‘real’ internal exploration, you’ll find God there. You’ll find urges that you actually have the power to choose or dismiss. You’ll find unique gifts and a unique voice that you never would have found if you hadn’t stop the charade.

He set us free to find out how things work and in the ‘finding’ you’ll find Him.

When you set a group of people (who have the Spirit of God inside them) free to do as they please, they’re not going to run for Hell. They’re going to find their legs and run to Him.

I wrote this because of the overwhelming fear that resides in the hearts so many professed Christians. They’re afraid of what will happen if they ‘let go of the wheel.’ If they’re afraid, then they must not believe that He is actually driving.

Let go and find the truth. It’s beautiful. It’s laced with skinned knees and messy hair, but it’s real and it’s free and it’s where He wants you to be.

Picture an adult, racked with stress and discouragement. Now, turn that adult into a kid and watch him play, explore, get grass stains and a few new scars. See the sun freckle his face and twigs stick in his hair.

Some of my best childhood afternoons left me with a scar I can still see twenty-five years later. If a child is afraid of falling, he’ll never play. REALLY play.

I’m just saying, PLAY! He’ll take care of the ‘holy’, ‘pure’ and ’sanctified’ parts. He’s got you covered. Be free.


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  1. 1 Julie said at 5:48 am on February 27th, 2010:

    Hello Serena!

    I love how God shows me when I am on the right track. I have been over at Pete Wilson's site ( Without reading his latest blog and his was called Defeat and Hypocrisy.

    God has been showing me lately that He is not the God we are taught inside the institutions of "religion". Oh He is in some convoluted man made version, but who He really is and what He really wants is different from what we are taught by religion.

    I stumbled across your site and of what I have read so far, I am truly touched. I am also enjoying what God is showing me. I love how He is using other things to confirm it. Thank you for your transparency. Keep it up.

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