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My life feels calm and quiet right now. But, it’s the kind of calm that makes you bored. And “only boring people are bored.” It makes me question my purpose. Something always happens when I’m wearing thin. I always get some sort of little nudge that I’m still on the right track.

This calm is different. I feel this need to get my things in order. The quote from Abraham Lincoln has been ringing in my ears for a few weeks now. “I will prepare, and some day my chance will come.”

It has become clear to me that I tend to wait for a breakthrough because getting there is impossible. Then, as time goes by, I notice that I could have been there by now if I started working for it when I thought of it.

It’s a message of taking life one day at a time. One small goal at a time. Do a little each day. If we prepare right now, we won’t miss the opportunity when it comes. Opportunities pass us by all the time because we weren’t prepared to accept them. Get ready now.

There is a technique in psychology called Visualization. A lot of people have taken this concept to a different place, and I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about picturing the end result and taking inventory of what is around you. Who are your friends? Do you live in a different town? How do you dress? Are you in better shape? Is that linen closet organized? Think of all those details and then pick something doable in that scenario and start making that change. Then work on the next one and so on.

You’re building from scratch. Do the work. Nothing is going to just happen.

All those little successes will make you stronger.

I’m preparing during this down time. I’m getting a hold on what I have because that is where contentment lives.


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  1. 1 Heather said at 2:21 pm on February 2nd, 2012:

    So blessed by your blog. Thanks for always challenging.

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