lost and found

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People who mess up will look for others who have fallen and found their way back. They’re looking for hope.

You can be the person they find.

Start looking for the reasons God has allowed you to fall in the first place. The answer is deeper than your free will. You’re starting to see them already.

Religious illusions have slipped. You can spot the fake now.

While you’re reeling from the loss of what you believed about yourself and God, there is so much more gain waiting to be found.

When you start looking for God’s sovereignty, you’ll find Him and it will blow your mind. You’re not near as powerful as you think you are.

That which has been found can serve to help that which is still lost.



2 Comments on “lost and found”

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  2. 2 Kag said at 10:09 pm on February 3rd, 2013:

    How do you always speak right to me? It's absolutely uncanny. I have come to
    Your blog off and on for 2 years…every time I wonder if you are a "little bird" in my life! Goosebumps!!!

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