liquid courage

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“Liquid Courage” is the title Amy Smith gave her chapter in the book, Soul Bare. I’ve been blogging through the chapters this month because each is by a separate author and is it’s own story.

In her chapter, Amy tells a story about drinking before going to church. She had been on hiatus and wanted to give making church friends another try. She writes about embarrassing herself in front of women she described as “lovely, with their designer clothes and stylish haircuts and perfectly manicured fingernails” and fitting in with the exception of having too many shots of rum (page 73).

She describes the next morning as her moment of awakening to grace and realizing that she didn’t have to be anyone but herself for God to speak to her.

“I pulled out my old Maranatha records I grew up with and just listened awhile as I got dressed and went through my quotidian routine” (page 77).

She writes about going through a continual transformation from that point on.

You can find Amy blogging here.

Amy Smith


Deana Chadwell wrote the eleventh chapter of Soul Bare. She titled it “Joy to the World! Really? Where?”. I’ll write my thoughts about her chapter next.

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