life imitates art (or visa versa)

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Once upon a time there lived a dog named Max. In a land of dogs with talent, beauty, grace and agility, Max was just mediocre. Instead of embracing his mediocrity, he set out to be the best and most celebrated dog in the land. An admirable trait, for sure, but as things of admiration often go, this dog let it turn into his motivation. Bigger, better, faster was his drive.

It wasn’t long before Max discovered that he put on a good show and people started to flock around him to see what kind of thing he’d do next. He started to test his ability to tell people what he was instead of letting them decide for themselves. He would shout through the streets that he was special and even went as far as to announce his arrival before hand to make sure everybody made time to see him. This kept him busy and surrounded at all times and only fed his cartoonish ego.

The game he played was with the rules of the ‘Sacred Way’. The town dogs agreed to live by a set of rules called the Love Law. The first was to love the Alpha dog, the other was to love the other dogs in the community. This sort of agreement was set up long before Max or any other dog alive could remember. The effects of these two rules were peace and gracious living. It was a place where forgiveness and mercy meant more than revenge and justice. Someone always had to pay more than someone else, but for the over all good of the town, they all agreed that it was worth it in the end.

Another idea that has been around longer than all the dogs in the town was an idea that muddled the Love Law and robbed the freedom towards peace and wholeness that the Love Law intended to create. Max is one that subscribes to the altered version and it stood out to him that the people who refrained from certain behaviors made the Love Law not as needed and therefore not as powerful. Max began teaching his followers that if the behavior was corrected and the supplemental rules practiced, then the Love Law wouldn’t be as needed and wouldn’t be so costly for the more innocent towns dogs.

Most of the town dogs rejoiced at such wisdom and bold leadership. Instead of living in the freedom of giving and receiving the benefits of the Love Law, they went about modifying behavior and disciplining those who did not behave properly. When the hapless target plead the safety of the Love Law, Max would cut him off at the pass. You’re not privy to the Love Law when you don’t abide by the supplemental rules. You’re a stranger to the way of the Sacred and until you submit sufficiently, you are lost and I cry for you.

The weak voices in the town could see the perversion of a once perfect understanding, but did not have the bark to fight the masses. They would love the Alpha in the quiet places on the outskirts of town and show love to the people they came in contact with. They knew they were outcasts from the Main Streets, but they also knew that it’s the outcasts that get more protection from the Alpha because of the Love Law. They had a better understanding of the Truth and even so, it didn’t keep them from needing forgiveness or mercy now and again. Of course, Max and his followers would scoff at such atrocious behavior, loving criminals and outsiders was strongly looked down upon.

In fact, he would reason, if these criminals didn’t have to pay for their crimes, then what would keep them from committing more and more crimes? His view is only evidence that he doesn’t understand the Love Law in the first place. The Love Law is reciprocal and spurs an unnatural level of generosity that you only get when you give. It’s a phenomenon that can’t be predicted or tracked, but those who have it know that getting away with crimes is the last thing on the minds of those who cling to the Love Law.

One day Max found himself in need of forgiveness. But since that position is so deplorable to him and all he stands for and since he was terrified that his followers would discover his secret, he raked his victim through the Main Streets, parading his victims’ sins for everyone to see. He thought that if he could discredit his accuser, then he would be able to escape his own noose with a scoff.

It worked. His accuser kept quiet and disappeared and Max went about business as usual. One thing was missing, however. His accuser had marked his name and restricted him in a way that was uncomfortable. If Max lived by the Love Law, he wouldn’t have been restricted, however, he has spent so much time avoiding it that he couldn’t bear to use it. As a matter of fact, it’s the weak in society that actually need to use it and weak was not a description he would take without a fight.

One day, Max saw his chance to relieve his self imposed restriction. One of his top insiders had committed a crime and something had to be done. The criminal went to the Alpha and asked to be reinstated to the Love Law because the other way wasn’t able to keep him from evil. The Alpha re-taught him the way of Love and he went back to recover his treasure. This treasure has no monetary value and shouldn’t even be a question of possession.

Meanwhile, as the criminal was away being healed, Max saw an opening and jumped on it. The only thing is, he had to paint the insider criminal in such a light that the towns dogs wouldn’t bark when Max took the criminals place. And the most atrocious part is, in order to avoid looking like a criminal himself, Max also took the criminals treasure to make himself appear like a hero. He, again, makes another look worse to take the eyes off of him. He says that the criminal threw away his treasure, “What a beast.”

The criminal may not have to pay for his crimes according the the Alpha, but Max will make him pay and will make sure that nobody forgets. Max has the criminals treasure. He has his bloodline. The babe herself.

What Max doesn’t know, but would know if he understood the Love Law at all, is that Love always wins and the Alpha is called the Alpha for a reason. One day he will pounce and Max will have no place to hide, except, if he will accept, in the Love Law with the rest of us.

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    How parable-ular. I like your point.

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