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Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him. This is my rule in all the churches. -1 Corinthians 7:17 ESV

God has assigned a life to you. You don’t get to pick it any more than you get to pick the color of your eyes or who your parents are.

God has assigned a spiritual life to you. You don’t get to pick it any more than you get to pick how God reveals Himself to you or what you learn on the journey.

Everyone is looking for meaning. A world full of people who want to be part of a club that is too exclusive for them. Once they get in, they change the rules so that it’s harder for the next.

Don’t let the self-important religious designers make you feel like God is only with you as long as you are with them. They craft a life they think best represents God, but their representation is catered to who they are. Then they push that on you and pressure you to measure up. They only do this so that they can feel okay with themselves. They let you in one way, then require you to be another way in order to remain.

Was anyone at the time of his call already circumcised? Let him not seek to remove the marks of circumcision. Was anyone at the time of his call uncircumcised? Let him not seek circumcision. -1 Corinthians 7:18 ESV

You are where you’re supposed to be. You are who you were created to be. Everything happens for a reason and lessons are catered to who you are, not who you think you’re supposed to be. If you continually feel like you need to be somewhere else so that God can find you, then you’ll never know the peace of just being. He is. You are.

Each one should remain in the condition in which he was called. -1 Corinthians 7:20 ESV

God is big enough to be wherever you are. He doesn’t weigh you down with a list of criteria, thereby putting the responsibility of being blameless on you. If you could get the hang of that, then you don’t need Jesus.

God doesn’t wait for you to come to Him. He doesn’t wait for you to get it right. He’s not a reward. Grace is not earned. You are accepted exactly where you are, so much to the point that He’s not asking you to change after you’ve found Him. He wants you. He takes pride in you. You’re not an accident or a project. You’re not a step-child, a foster child or an obligation. You are specifically crafted, intricately designed, and purposefully formed out of complete knowledge of anything and everything you were, are, and will be. Including whatever and wherever you happen to be in this exact moment.

If you’re a slave to something other than freedom, then position yourself for the out. There is an out. The out is grace and it’s enough. Stop fighting your perceived inadequacies while you try to prove yourself to the bystanders. You act as though they hold power over you.

Just be.

You were bought with a price; do not become slaves of men. So, brothers, in whatever condition each was called, there let him remain with God. -1 Corinthians 7:23 ESV



13 Comments on “just be”

  1. 1 Reva said at 9:40 am on December 5th, 2010:


    Thank you so much. I stuggle with this so often, but especially this time of year.

  2. 2 Serena Woods said at 10:03 am on December 5th, 2010:

    Reva: It's always a huge help to me to look at a situation as though God purposely put things in place to be the way they are and to consider what that implies.

  3. 3 Liz said at 10:26 am on December 5th, 2010:

    Serena thank you for your words. Being Me is something that I have struggled with for some time. It took me a long time to understand that I am good enough just the way I am. Bless you for being an outlet that encourages and changes people.

  4. 4 Julie R. said at 12:19 pm on December 5th, 2010:

    I am currently reading "The Shack" , if you haven't read it, you should pick yourself up a copy… it is right in line with the many truths I am learning about who the Father is, and what He is not… How long I have struggled trying to be what man had said, that God said I should be, only to be finding out, that God never intended for me to be or do what man said I should be or do… Praise to the Father who made me for relationship with Him! Serena, you continue to be used by God to speak into my spirit what I have waited my lifetime to hear and to know… and I know I am on a path that He put me on, because He continually confirms it. We are so loved and so blessed… and the cool thing is, we have done nothing to earn it, because there is nothing we could do to earn it, He loves us…that's it…no strings, no agenda, no program…He just loves us.

  5. 5 Christina said at 12:48 pm on December 5th, 2010:

    Thank you for this. Today, I needed to be reminded that God is big enough and that there is a reason for the things that seem so painfully pointless in my life.

  6. 6 Jason said at 6:11 pm on December 5th, 2010:

    Wonderful thoughts. Thank you for sharing them. I often struggle with this.

  7. 7 Sharon O said at 6:41 am on December 6th, 2010:

    Thank you for your encouraging words.

  8. 8 LisaJo said at 8:31 am on December 6th, 2010:

    Thanks for this. This is definitely a struggle for me. There are so many "voices" out there in Christendom, criticizing this type of life or the other, judging everything, constantly painting pictures of "the narrow way." For me it can build up into confusion and fear, and makes me forget that God created the nuances I have, and wants to work with those.

  9. 9 April said at 2:33 pm on December 6th, 2010:

    I recently had a conversation with the leader of a bible study I was in… I asked her some tips on making time daily for the study… making time for the "homework" involved. I asked… what helps you to make it a priority in your busy life as a mom? She responded by telling me that I am "what we call a baby christian" and that I will get it one day, that's all she said. I hate labels, assumptions…but God spoke gently to my heart and gave me this- "Love is not easily offended…" and I knew that it didn't matter what that woman thought of me. Only mattered that I knew what Christ thinks of me… and he cherishes me whether I am up at 5 a.m. filling out answers for a bible study or if I hit the cuss outloud in front of my kids… he loves me the same.

  10. 10 April said at 2:36 pm on December 6th, 2010:

    meant to say… or if I hit the snooze button… and cuss outloud. ah, spell check and things like that should be automatic. 😉

  11. 11 Laura@Life Overseas said at 3:19 pm on December 6th, 2010:

    Hey Serena!

    Loved this reminder to just be the person God has created us to be.

    Just wrote something over my way that made me think of you and your message here:


    Merry Christmas, friend!

  12. 12 Serena Woods said at 3:33 pm on December 6th, 2010:

    Laura, I saw myself. 😉 love it.

  13. 13 Genevieve Thul @ Tur said at 7:21 am on December 8th, 2010:

    This is your best yet (or at least speaks most clearly to my soul)! I will definitely link back to this when I figure out how to say it in the right way – we just left our church because of this. Grace IS our out! Thanks for making my cloudy glass crystal.

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