joy to the world! really? where?

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Deana Chadwell wrote the 11th chapter of Soul Bare. She called it “Joy to the World! Really? Where?” You know you’re reading good writing when you can forget you’re reading. Deana writes about finding out what where joy really is.

“Yesterday joy wore lavender flannel PJs, sat on my lap and read me poetry… Today joy hovers around the wood stove where some old oak radiates warmth just a few feee from the snow outside. Joy rises like steam from a bowl of soup…” (page 79-80).

She weaves us through landmarks on her life’s timeline and points out where the joy was. The landmarks, themselves, were anvils thrown at her, but they were dressed in such a way that Deana knew that God had the anvils covered.

My takeaway from reading Deana’s chapter is that life is not about the anvils. God is not a reactor, scrambling to keep up with how troublesome your life may be. God is a conductor, playing the elements of your life like musical instruments in an orchestra.

For Deana, it seems the anvils landed in places that God wanted her to see. Maybe these places were where the veil was thin between Him and her. Where she caught His scent and learned his voice and acquired the ability to follow Him through the rest of her life. Part of that is learning how to recognize joy… Because God smells like joy… He sounds like joy.

“God has graciously filled this world with wonder, and i don’t mean the Grand Canyon or flights tot he moon, but all the amazements in our day-to-day lives–if we choose to notice” (page 81).

If you only read one chapter in this book, read this one. It starts on page 79 and ends on page 84. When you do that, you’ll want to know where else you can read her writing. You can find her here.

Deana Chadwell


Seth Haines wrote the 12th chapter of Soul Bare. He called it, “Nuance”. I’ll write my thoughts about it next.

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