internal dialogue of a dead man

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something told him that he’d be okay.
tingling lie. devil’s foreplay.

your heart is good. you won’t go too far.
‘my heart is pure. just slightly ajar.’

something came alive. it’s all firsthand.
new existence tingled and the flames got fanned.

keep your secret. they won’t understand.
‘i’m in control. i won’t let it brand.’

when something comes alive, you lose control.
nobody told him that his ‘alive’ would grow.

you’re in too deep. you can’t back out now.
‘i don’t think i want this. i just don’t know how…’

worlds fall apart while you’re feeding the beast.
too much has changed. integrity’s ceased.

they’ll hate you if you tell them. just stay here with me.
‘i didn’t think this through. this isn’t me.’

the pressure of sustaining this life on his own
he lost his foundation and burned down his home.
his children are wandering. his wife is alone.

he knows what he wants. clear as the day.
he wants to come clean. he’s ready to pay.
he looks for himself, but he’s gone astray.

don’t get noble on me. you’re worse than I.
‘that may be true. but i’ve got to try.’

devils are taunting. burying him in shame.
you’ve gone too far and you’re to blame.
you can’t come back from your selfish game.

he’s scratching the door. devil’s abscess.
he needs the cure to this hellish distress.
he breaks through his chains and faces his mess.

he finds his way home, but he’s lost his sheen.
he thought there’d be rejoicing, but confession is mean.
he’s under the scalpel without the morphine.

i told you they’d reject you and tear you apart.
they talk a good line, but grace is a lost art.
think of the wrong that gave this it’s start.
you don’t deserve this, remember ‘You’ve got a good heart.’

and then comes the Whisper. the Wind Over Water.
‘no one is good. pride is your falter.
no one is good. And this you can’t alter.
For if you were good, then why was I slaughtered?’

he was fighting from breaking, but this did him in.
a puddle of nothing and wreaking of sin.
lost and alone. bleeding through skin.
the good man died. let hell begin.

but the Whisper came calling. He wasn’t through.
‘now you know what’s always been true.
I’m the only good. there’s nothing you can do.
you’ve shown your worth. so-called virtue.

if you think you can reason, then hell has a fight
reason’s the cause of lie’s darkest night.
give up on good and own broken’s plight.
then Wind over Water will come make it right.



2 Comments on “internal dialogue of a dead man”

  1. 1 julie said at 4:25 am on June 30th, 2010:

    Great poem, Serena! Loved it!

  2. 2 Serena Woods said at 7:54 am on June 30th, 2010:

    Thanks, Julie. 🙂

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