i won’t tell on you

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You didn’t know you felt invisible until the tears of being seen made you feel real. You walk like a ghost, begging footsteps to not make a sound. Heart drips like a faucet, silent splash bleeds your heart in slow motion. You never unpack because nowhere feels like somewhere.

You don’t cry out because you can’t take the pain of not being heard. You tell yourself that you don’t care.
oh, but you do.
and I won’t tell on you.

Sometimes the pain is the only thing that feels real. Numb is not numb enough and the only up side to the down side is that nobody knows that you don’t have it all together.

They think you must be going somewhere.
but I know you’re not going somewhere.
and I won’t tell on you.

Sink in the corner. I’ll pretend not to notice. Cry and I’ll turn my face.
A complicated mess wanting nothing and crying because that’s what she gets.

If I took your picture, would you be there? If I reached out would you pretend?
I know you would.
and I won’t tell on you.

You cut yourself from the inside out. Nobody can see those scars.
Except me. I can see them.
but I won’t tell on you.

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