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First plant your fields; then build your barn. – Proverbs 24:27 MSG

There are so many things you want to do. Things you wish you could do. It seems like opportunity knocks on everyone’s door but yours. The thing is, opportunity comes your way all the time, you’re just not prepared to take it up.

First plant your fields.

This proverb is talking about the order in which to do things. You don’t build a barn before you know how big of a barn you’ll need. You have to plant your fields to get that information.

It’s about order and preparation.

I think that sometimes people use God like a lottery ticket. They sit around being “good” and then expect to be rewarded for that. The sense of entitlement is confusing to the rest of the world. You feel “called” and you think that’s enough to equip you. The problem is, you’re seeing God as if His creation is flawed. I say that because you’re created in the image of a Creator. Meaning, you’re created to make an effort. You should be creating.

You can’t expect people to give you a chance if you haven’t been preparing for the job. There are questions you’ll need to answer. They’re not going to pop in your head like some psychic guru. Hone your craft. Develop yourself.

I’ve watched people start working out, update their style, and make themselves more desirable after their marriage has fallen apart. I don’t understand why they’ll do for strangers what they won’t do for their marriage. Who knows if it would have made a difference. I’m not even trying to talk about marriage here. The point is that people will sit around and wait for things to get better, but won’t do anything to make it different.

If you want to run a marathon, start training. Who cares if there isn’t a race on the horizon. There will be. If you start preparing, you’ll be ready. This post isn’t about running a marathon, either. But, if you wait until you see a race, you’ll be sitting in your old slippers watching it all run by.

Some people won’t go to college because they don’t know how they’ll pay for it. But, doesn’t preparation and education open doors?

It’s not too late for you.

You plant your field before you have a place to store the harvest.

That disposition doesn’t sit well with the lazy one. I think they can even claim wisdom by not planting until they have a place to store it.

Do you see how the excuse mentality limits God? You’ve decided, from the onset, how much you’ll have to store. Preparation is like investing. You can’t really foresee how far your effort will go. You can’t decide to put a cap on the return before you even get started. What if you have more than you have room for?

Doesn’t the scripture say that God can exceed our imagination (Ephesians 3:20)?

I’m not talking about money. I’m talking about joy.

If you want things to be different, then do something different. Save your money, throw out your old things, and get your house in order. Plant your field. When opportunity knocks, you’ll be ready.



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