fetal position

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A blanket of darkness, the vastness of nothing. Father Fear cradling Hopelessness’s newborn. The gentle whispers shivers on the neck. Vibrations against tiny drums. Spinning around the olfactory groove, the never ending hiss…s…s, “You have no worth.”

Sticky tears rewetting the juice from the apple in the knuckles, the clenched fist with a death grip on the nothing that is left. Silent Night screaming with the hurricane of Unholy Night, the evil of ancient.

I can see you.

Curled up on Earth that refuses to swallow you, under the Nothing that will not just crush you.

I don’t need to know what you did. I can’t fix your life. But I’ll sit here in the Earth with you. I’ll tell you about Love. I’ll sing the hiss away with the songs of our childhood. I’ll sing until you sing it, too.

Sing it, too.

“yes, Jesus loves me. yes, Jesus loves me.”


I’ll be your keeper.


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