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We try to avoid struggles or difficulty and we try to save others from it.

But, if we grow the most in our darkest moments, then what does aversion do? What place does sympathy hold?

If we saw our pain as the pains of growth, would we rebuke it as though we were not meant to struggle? Would we step in and try to take the experience away from another?

Would you say, ‘I never want you to be anything more than you already are, so I’ll never let you hurt.’

I have hurt a lot in my life and I wouldn’t wish any of it away. It’s the road patience, faith and wisdom took to get here.

If you can look at the pain in life like you would look at the pain of a woman in labor, it might help you get through it. Pain helps you let go. A woman in labor can’t control the birth, but she can focus her mind on what is happening. You have to give up control and focus on what is being born in you. Spiritual birth is not without physical pain.

‘If you limit your knowledge of God to the feel good, sunshine moments then you are missing half of the story. He’s not a dancing monkey out trying to get everybody to feel good and fall in love under rainbows. He’s not limited to being the Lamb of God because He’s also the Lion of Judah. His concern is to bring you to a place where you know Him. You must be emptied of yourself and filled up with Him. Don’t underestimate the process in which you are emptied of yourself. They don’t call it death for dramatic flair.’ -Grace Is For Sinners


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