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The ‘Grace Is For Sinners: Bible Study {round 2}’ is half way over. The past couple of weeks have been packed so full of information that the group leaves with their heads spinning.

We explore scripture for answers to the hard questions:

1) week two: What is a good barometer as far as sizing up someone’s relationship with God?

2) week two: Can you mess up God’s plan?

3) week three: Do you doubt a Christian’s sincerety when they sin?

4) week three: Describe what it means to fall from grace.

5) week three: If God is all-powerful and all loving, why does he permit evil and suffering in the world?

6) week four: Why is it hard for Christians to ask for help when they’re struggling?

7) week four: How can we lose our salvation?

Enlightening scripture leads to spinning heads. You should come.

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