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Tanya Marlow wrote “Breathing Room”, the 18th chapter of Soul Bare.

Her title is a spin off of the book, “Room”, which was also made into a movie. I’ve seen the movie, but haven’t read the book. It has a dark hollow feeling, so when she mentioned that the fictional story was too close to home for her, I wasn’t sure what I was in for.

Tanya writes about a medical condition that keeps her confined mostly to her room. Her condition is very rare and controversial because the symptoms aren’t specific and the definition of the disease isn’t clear. There is no cure or medication for her condition, so treatment consists of avoiding overexertion. The person with the condition is in charge of how much or little he or she can do to stay within the “energy envelope”. She writes that when she has energy enough to go out, it’s in a wheelchair and only for an hour or two a week. It sounds like a prison, and I think that’s her point.

She read the book, “Room”, for a book club. Her chapter is about coming to terms with the contrast between the light and joy that she’s found in her room and playtime on her bed with her toddler, against what the other women in the room considered stimulating.

“I had not prepared myself for this. I had though that I was in the same mothering world that they were, doing whatever regular mothers do. I discovered that my most interesting and entertaining morning would be their idea of a rainy day in hell” (page 126).

I can’t imagine what her life must be like. Her determination to not be hindered by feeling trapped and bedridden is remarkable.

Check out her blog. I bet her perspective is worth a look.

Tanya Marlow

Part three of Soul Bare, “Hope and Healing”, starts next. Tara Pohlkhotte’s begins this section. She titled her chapter “Tie to the Deep”.

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