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Sometimes I get so frustrated as a writer. 

I can write riddles and clues. I can hide behind ribbons of words that spin into rhyme. I can say without saying and peek out from behind carefully crafted sentences. But, I can’t do what music does. 


Music is writing and acting and emoting and it’s audible. You can hear a singer’s voice break from emotion. You can follow a guitar all the way to the place where you feel chills on the back of your neck. A carefully constructed drum beat that pulses to a mathematical perfection sends electricity down my back and makes me sway to a beat that I did not choose.


Maybe not everybody is like this, maybe there are those of you who are not so moved by music, but I am. I so am. And I can’t do what they do. 


I can’t make you melt like Steven Tyler does. I can’t make you ache like the gritty voice of Pink. I can’t haunt you like Nina Simone can. I can’t make you feel alive like a perfectly executed harmony and I can’t bring you to tears by nailing a high note.  I can’t bring back your lost moments like Bon Jovi, Howie Day, Lisa Loeb or Tom Petty. I can’t soundtrack your new moments like Taylor Swift can.


Words are powerful and they can move people….challenge, anger and make you cry. But when you put them to music, something spiritual happens. You become who you really are when you’re listening to music that you love.


Instead, I’ll sit here and listen to my moody music and write with the heart of a singer.

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  1. 1 Jeff Goins said at 6:22 pm on January 26th, 2009:

    Thanks for the facebook message, Serena. Your book looks very interesting. I'm sending it to one of my editors at Could we maybe setup an interview or something?

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