be the upheaval

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it’s time to be the change you want to see. heal the divisions. it’s easy to sit in your little world and complain, but can you get outside and start a revolution? be the difference. 


You can’t get love if you don’t give it.  You can’t be free unless you loose what is bound.  Hatred breathes and grows and consumes what is owned and the object of what you despise may never know what you wish to demise.  Forgiveness is your weapon.  Love is your power and your reward.  

We are one breed, one in kind and classification.  We shred ourselves by divisions in race, religion, failure and aspiration.  Misery loves company and the only thing to show for your union is a dark and damp offering to the gods of the diseased selfishness.  Love is the hardest thing to choose because it causes you to deny yourself and open up to the failures of others. 

Superstitions and dusty traditions hold back the innovators and originators.  How can you be something new if you don’t do something you’ve never done?  How can you learn if you don’t open up to the idea that you have something yet to learn?

Take everything that you can physically lose and mentally lose it.  Find who you are in the loss of everything that has always defined you. 

Befriend an unlikely.  Forgive the blameworthy.  Love the insufferable. 

Be the upheaval.  

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