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We all have a story. We’re all on a journey.

We were never meant to suffer alone. We are never supposed to keep our mistakes hidden. How can we be a light on a hill for those crawling through the dark if we never allow our lives to be a living testimony of the finished work of Calvary?

Freedom is found in the light and what was once hidden can actually be a beacon if we let the light illuminate it. Like the moon.

Nothing to hide, nothing left to lose.

Your eye witness account of the salvation power of Jesus is one of two things that defeat Satan. The other is the Blood of the Lamb. If Satan can do nothing about the sacrifice, he’ll throw everything in to making sure you are not heard.

They defeated him through the blood of the Lamb and the bold word of their witness. -Revelation 12:11

Be heard. We are sharing our stories here.

writing my story on the wall...

writing my story on the wall...

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