a poem

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she felt the chill before she saw their shape
godlessness had rendered her fully awake

she wanted to run but there was only the night
they pulled at her clothes and froze out her fight

they screamed at her from their evil abyss
so many voices became one in deaths’ kiss

she screamed no but something swallowed her voice
it was her own fault, failure was her choice

they mocked her cries and tore at her skin
she had no excuse because of her sin

she cried to her friends, the ones she betrayed
she reached out her hands as they walked away

they pushed her back down and gashed her some more
they spit at her mouth and called her a whore

off in the distance from a cloud of white light
whispered a voice that told her to fight

use what you know to get on your feet
faith saved you once, it is faith this’ll beat

shutting her eyes to the tearing of her soul
she whispered his name until she was whole

she rests in a place that’s lonely for winners
her faith won the fight because grace is for sinners.

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