a new dance and some info

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I am a guest at Darlene Schacht’s blog, ‘Time-Warp Wife’, today. Here is a piece of what I’m saying over there…

My life, whether seen or not, is the healing dance of a crippled child. He holds my twisted legs straight and lets me dance on His toes. His feet moving me about. His spin catching my hair. He sings to me and I sing along. I worship Him from my depths. The depths I hid with my self-control. I give Him my worst and He shows me how to worship Him there. -A New Dance, Serena Woods

Darlene will be sharing her story of healing after her affair here tomorrow.

Also, I am speaking at the Relevant Conference again this year. I loved it and loved meeting the different people I communicate with online. If you are interested in going you can check it out here. Tickets just went on sale and it will sell out. Even if you’re not the conference type, I think you’ll find a spot in the one. It’s the proverbial ‘comfy chair’ where you can curl up with a cup of coffee and really connect with people.

The speakers are pictured below…


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