a little more of me

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We all have a story. We have things that we’ve survived. We’ve been the victim and we’ve been the criminal. I can tell you, with intricate detail, about both kinds of pain.

My church asked me to put part of my story on video for a series they’re teaching. I’ve posted it below.

My experience with grace is not found in my ability to move forward after my failure. Though growing is an effect, anyone, who has the will to survive, can move on after personal failure. Your past is always there and healing comes when you can see God in it. Grace, for me, is found in the undeniable knowledge that I can see Jesus clearer now, because of my failure. He’s more than my example, my teacher, or the name uttered at the beginning of my prayers. He’s my ransom. He gave me a gift, an insight. He gave me Himself. And the swirling whisper continues to speak, ‘No one, unbroken by their own sin, can see Me like this.’

God used my failure to show me who He is. His grace relabeled my sin and me. My failure destroyed me, but if not for that death, I would not really live. Grace enables me to be thankful for the hell.

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