a conversation with God

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I was on a nine hour drive across the country. About six hours into it, I was sick of the radio, sick of the phone and tired of driving, so I decided to have a conversation with my creator.  It may have been road hypnotism or some form of under-stimulated inspiration, but none-the-less, I was in my motorized tee-pee smoking highway fumes and commenced to spiritual enlightenment. Yeah.

Me:  Do you want us to move? 
Big G: I want you to get ahold of what you have.
Me:  I want to move…
Big G:  You want a lot of things.  A lot of things are coming.  Just like I order the cosmos, I order your life.
Me:  There are so many times when I lose hope or drive.  I have a hard time.
Big G:  That’s you, not me.
Me:  What about my book?  My job?  What is happening?  
Big G:  What has changed?  Just you.
Me:  It’s hard to see you at work.
Big G:  And? 
Me:  How much longer before I see what I hope for?
Big G:  What is time, but a distraction from what is real?  You see it now, but it’s not enough. What are you looking for?  When is it enough?  When do you say, “That’s it!  I can take in no more!”  Why would you wish for that sad day – when you’ve had enough?  Why can’t you take today and see today so that you are empty for what I have tomorrow?  What are you waiting for?  I’ve promised you a life in me, do you not have that?  Now I’m the one with the questions.
…..Me:  I feel like so many people in the Bible.  Nothing is new to you.
Big G:  New is old.  Old is new.  That’s how it always is.  Always ‘now’. Forever ‘now’.  Eternal ‘is’.  Don’t you find comfort in that?
Me:  I’m awed by that and it keeps me from feeling like a drain.
Big G:  Not a drain, but part of my downpour.  Your questions are asked of me – not of your surroundings.  You look to me – and I promise, I’m looking right back.  Your mouth is a flood. Your tongue vibrates to my rhythm.  I’m keeping time.  I’m counting down.  I set the pace and you dance before me.

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