a broken love story

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Lindsey van Niekerk wrote the sixteenth chapter of Soul Bare. She titled it “A Broken Love Story”.

Lindsey is a missionary kid who was born in Haiti. It was interesting to read from her perspective because I know that missionaries have this certain camaraderie that stems from the challenges associated with that life.

“My life began as a juxtaposition of sorts. Born white in a black world, American blood with Haitian air first breathed into my lungs. I grew up a third-culture kid, belonging neither to the country of my parents nor the country of my birth” (page 107).

She moved back the the United States to attend college. Her initial experience was a lot like many Christian college student experiences. It’s exciting to be on your own, to have your own church, community, and schedule. I became a Christian when I was 19, so all of my new friends were that age and doing what she was doing. I remember noticing the energy and this Utopian outlook they had. As a teenage mom, I was more of an observer than a partaker, but reading her words reminds me of those days.

Life never dressed up for me. It was always hung over and too tired to try to impress me. But the college crowd at my church had stars of another world in their eyes and I always wondered what it would be like to feel the kind of possibility they felt. Now that twenty years have passed, I can see where these people are today and it’s mostly just average.

Lindsey’s chapter is like a little window into the life of a hopeful kid who grew up to have health issues, trouble starting a family, and the inability to know where her place is in the church community. She isn’t in a place where she wants to serve at church, but doesn’t know how to refrain. Her struggles, to this reader, seem average and that’s probably one of the most frustrating places to be. She was a college student with stars of another world in her eyes who grew up to be an adult under the gravitational pull of this world. She’s doing what everybody does when they figure out they’re on a hamster wheel. She’s making the most of it.

Lindsey van Niekerk


Joy Bennet wrote, “Metamorphasis”, the seventeenth chapter of Soul Bare. I’ll write my thoughts about her chapter next.

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