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The pilot group for ‘Grace Is For Sinners Small Group’ will start meeting on the last Tuesday of February. This will be the first official run through before the ‘Grace Is For Sinners Workbook’ is put together and available for other churches to start their own groups. If you’re interested, fill out the form on the ‘Contact’ page to get more information.

It will be fun and relaxing. Good smelling candles, snacks, drinks and comfy couches. Everybody can come in, take off their shoes and connect with people you may never otherwise take the time to know. ‘Grace Is For Sinners’ has the potential to bring out deep emotions and thoughts. The conversations will definitely be interesting and hopefully inspiring. The ‘challenges’ will ask you to take inventory of your history through journaling, reflecting and, if you feel like it, conversing. The purpose is to root out the places where there lies un-forgiveness and contempt both for yourself or for someone else. The goal is to reach across time and space to become whole and healed.

It’s a six week course and the attempt to change the world for a few hearts in such a short amount of time is lofty, but at least the ball, in some respect, can start to roll.


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